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FAQ's U9 & U10 player development league (pdl) 

What is the Player Development League?
The Player Development League (PDL) is a division within Arsenal Colorado to give players a more consistent level of competition and coaching within the Recreational program. It is viewed as a middle ground between conventional recreational soccer and competitive soccer. The League is broken into u9 and u10, ‘Home’ and ‘Travel’. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, our PDL program follows the United States Soccer Federation mandates, using the birth year format, instead of a grade based format.

:: PDL Evaluation Application

:: PDL Orientation (Powerpoint)

:: PDL Coaches Application

:: BYT & Evaluation Dates

U9 Players-
 All players born in 2009

U10 Players- All players born in 2008

Who is eligible to apply to play in the PDL? 

Application to play in the PDL is open to all boys and girls who are age appropriate and desire to play soccer at a more consistent and competitive level. Players may play up onto a PDL team in respect to age; however players may not play down on a PDL team.


Playing in the PDL is a one year commitment. 
Players will be rostered to the same team and coach for both the fall and spring seasons and are financially responsible for the entire year of team fees and club fees.


*How are the coaches for the PDL selected? 

Application to coach in the PDL shall be open to all who demonstrate a commitment to the League, agree to adhere to the Guidelines and coaching curriculum, and who agree to participate in coaching sessions, education programs and evaluations.  Coaching applicants will participate in an interview process with staff coaches. After completion of the interview process, coaches will be selected by the director of the PDL league. Coaches must hold a minimum of a USSF “D” license for consideration.


What is the difference between a ‘Home’ team and a ‘Travel’ team? 

Travel teams are based on ability; players will be selected by ability after a two-day evaluation period. Travel teams will compete in the state league. Travel can be as far as Colorado Springs for a single Saturday league game. Professional coaches are selected for travel teams as well as all teams receive staff-run training sessions throughout the season and professional GK training. All travel team games that are considered home games will be played at the complex.

Home teams are based on desire; players will be selected for home teams after the appointed coach completes the observation process. This process includes observation at spring U8 games, tournaments, training sessions and U8 club run academy sessions. Home teams are formed by geographic location or home address to minimize travel to training locations during the week. Home teams will compete in Arsenal Colorado’s Player Development League and against other home teams as well as inter-leaguing clubs in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming areas. Home teams will receive staff-run team training sessions with professional coaches as well as professionally run GK training. Home PDL teams will play their games at the complex.


U9 and U10 Travel Teams

Travel teams are formed by ability and compete in the CSA state league. Teams and players are registered through Gotsoccer and must adhere to the guidelines of the state league. This league is run by the Colorado State Association, and teams are grouped in leagues by ability. These games will require travel outside of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado to play league matches.

How are players selected for Travel competition in the state CSA Intermediate league?
All players interested in being considered for u9 and U10 roster spot for a travel team will take part in a multi-day evaluation process conducted in the spring season the previous year. Players will be selected based upon a list of criteria (including the player’s technical, tactical, physical, psychological abilities as well as the player’s playing history). Registration will be made available for this evaluation beginning in April. Maximum roster size is 12 players per team; minimum of 10.

What is the cost to participate in the PDL? 

Player Fees are located under “leagues”, “recreational” and then “age divisions/fees” on the club website.  

What is the cost of the ADIDAS Uniform Kit? 

The kit includes: 2 jerseys (navy blue and white); 1 pair of navy shorts; 1 pair of socks. The cost of the total kit is $60.00. Cost is subject to change.


U9 and U10 Home Teams
Home teams are formed geographically by home address and compete in Arsenal Colorado’s home PDL league. These teams are registered through GotSoccer and Arsenal Colorado.


How are players selected for Home competition in Arsenal Colorado’s PDL? 

Once the travel team evaluation process has concluded all players interested in PDL will be placed in geographic pools based on their home address. Based on interest geographic pools can range up to span 30 square miles within the northern Colorado region. Roster sizes may not exceed 12 players per team. Players will be selected based upon the PDL criteria listed on the website.

How and when are players notified if they are placed on a PDL team? 

Players selected for an ‘active’ Home team roster will be notified by their assigned coach at the conclusion of the evaluation period and after roster approval by the Director of the PDL.


Can my child still be considered for a team if we miss the evaluation period? 

Anyone interested in PDL after the evaluation process concludes will be placed directly on a waitlist. Players on the waitlist will be invited to team training sessions for evaluations by the head coach and possible placement. Contact to be placed on the waitlist.   


What is the cost of the ADIDAS Uniform Kit? 

The kit includes: 2 jerseys (navy blue and white); 1 pair of navy shorts; 1 pair of socks. The cost of the total kit is $75.00. Cost is subject to change.


Will there be any traveling to Saturday games for PDL (Home) players? 

Yes, there is a potential to inter-league with Cheyenne, Laramie, Greeley, Windsor, and Loveland. There may be one or two games out of town. However most of the games will be played at home, at Arsenal Colorado’s state-of-the-art Soccer Complex.


What is the difference between the U9 and u10 Recreational League and the Player Development League for U9 and u10? 

The PDL was designed for players of the appropriate age who are seeking an opportunity for enhanced training, education, and increased competition in order to advance the skills and abilities needed to play at the next level.

All players, regardless of whether they play in the recreational league or the PDL will be placed on a team and participate in an 8 game season.  Coaches are provided with staff support and a written curriculum to provide players a great learning environment.  While it is our goal to provide referees for every U10 game regardless of division, historically that has not always been possible.  Because of this issue, the FCSC does not charge anything to our members for referees at these age groups, but will continue to subsidize this cost through other means.  It is our sincere goal to provide a certified referee for both divisions whenever possible.

PDL players will be placed with a licensed coach who is hired through an interview process.  Players receive specialized staff training sessions in addition to typical training sessions, focused on player development.   


If you have questions, please contact Jayme Beamer Halsey or Tony Mortenson.