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New master plan unveiled for FCSC Soccer complex


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The Fort Collins Soccer Complex is already home to the best soccer fields in the state and plans are in place to make it even better.

With the goal of continuing to provide the best soccer complex in the region, the Fort Collins Soccer Club has approved plans to continue our great legacy. The plans include adding synthetic turf fields, a clubhouse, a championship field and plaza, paved parking, Club offices and an indoor soccer field.

The FCSC Board of Directors recently approved the phased and updated Master Plan for the Complex. The flexibility of the plan enables it to accommodate short- and long-term needs and will offer lasting benefits to the current membership, the community and the members of the future. A main priority of the plan is that membership fees not be increased to pay for the improvements. Development will occur by creating new partnerships in the community.

“Fort Collins is one of the outstanding soccer communities in the Rocky Mountain region and the Fort Collins Soccer Club, Arsenal Colorado has been at the forefront for almost 40 years,” said Carie Dann, FCSC Board President. “As an organization, we’ve been focusing on fostering a club experience, whether it’s youth soccer or adult leagues. These improvements represent a goal and a dream that will continue to bring us together as one club.”


The Benefits

Members who travel away from Fort Collins for soccer games quickly realize the Complex has the highest-quality fields in Colorado. The Master Plan allows us to plan for the future and improve our Complex ten-fold. Developing the Complex will allow us to operate programs and keep youth and adult members active year-round.

“We want to foster an atmosphere that creates a destination for soccer, as well as celebrates the game and the Fort Collins Soccer Club,” said David Thomas, FCSC Executive Director. “The Complex will be a place for the soccer community – from young recreational players to competitive to adult teams – to come together and have a place to call their soccer home.”

Throughout the development and implementation of the Master Plan, there will be a positive impact to the community. Having the ability to host more teams and players at the Complex will bring more traffic through Fort Collins and encourage people to do business in Fort Collins.


The Plan

The FCSC belongs to its membership. The Master Plan is a road map for the future, offering a guide for deliberate implementation as funding becomes available. It may take several years to complete; however, the positive impact will be immediate with each phase completed. It is a plan for us and for our children.

Work on the updated Mater Plan began in 2013 with heavy input from staff to meet needs for coaches, players and their families. When eventually completed, the FCSC Complex will include the development of the remaining grass fields, along with:

  • Four artificial turf fields with lighting
  • Championship field with mounded grass seating, bleachers and lighting
  • Clubhouse that houses FCSC offices and operations, meeting space and food services
  • Full-size indoor field
  • Additional permanent restrooms
  • Paved, striped parking lot

The Board retained landscape architect Paul Mills, who has experience in sports facilities development, to help create the Master Plan. Mills, a lifelong soccer player and FCSC member, is a founding partner at Russell + Mills Studios in Fort Collins and has worked extensively on numerous high-profile projects around the country, including developing a master plan for the MLS Philadelphia Union’s initial site complex, prior to the site they landed on.  

“This Master Plan captures the vision and ambition of the club, while outlining a feasible roadmap for the future,” said Mills.  “This vision can be implemented in phases as funding becomes available, while never steering away from the clear goal of becoming a premier soccer facility of national standards.”


The History

The FCSC was the first soccer club in Colorado to own and operate its own soccer complex. The updated Mater Plan continues the vision that was created by the FCSC Board in 1991 when the Club began assessing field development fees each season to the membership. By 1995, enough money had been raised to purchase the 100-acre complex located just north of Fort Collins.

Development of the Complex was broken into three phases. Phase 1 included 33 acres supporting 10 fields opened in 2001 and hosted its first games on June 2, 2001. Construction on 33 additional acres for Phase 2 began in 2003 and by fall 2005, it was being fully utilized. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the complex currently can accommodate up to 22 fields and hosts youth competitive, developmental and adult games, including three annual tournaments. In 2010, significant improvements were made to parking, vehicular entrance and exit, and highway access.

In June 2010, the fields at the Fort Collins Soccer Complex were dedicated to the Minatta family in recognition of their outstanding service to the club for over 25 years. The Minatta’s include Al Minatta, who served as the first Executive Director, his wife Sue who served on the Board of Directors, and his son Tony, who served as an Assistant Director of Coaching.


The Future

Over the next several years we will be fundraising with the goal of completing one phase at a time. There will be opportunities to donate, purchase a personalized paver or seatwall medallion in the Entrance Plaza, and purchase a paver or a tree to plant in the Supporters Promenade or along a walkway.  More opportunities and details will be available over the coming months about donor opportunities. Additionally, there will be sponsorship opportunities for interested businesses.

In the spring, look for an opportunity to meet the Club and Complex experts and ask questions at our Complex Master Plan Open House. Dates and times will be announced at the beginning of the spring soccer season.

With the update to the Fort Collins Soccer Complex Master Plan, we are planning for the future of the Fort Collins Soccer Club / Arsenal Colorado. Soccer players of the future will have a place to call home with a great soccer community in an amazing environment.




fcsc soccer complex

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains just north of Fort Collins, the state-of-the-art Soccer Complex can accommodate up to 22 fields. The Complex hosts youth competitive, developmental and adult games including the three annual tournaments sponsored by the Fort Collins Soccer Club. In June 2010 the fields at the Fort Collins Soccer Complex were dedicated to the Minatta family in recognition of their outstanding service to the club for over 25 years. Development at the Complex continues as the club strives to provide the best soccer complex in the state.

Pets, tobacco and fireworks are strictly prohibited at the Soccer Complex.




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