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Arsenal Colorado (Competitive Division)

Arsenal competitive soccer

Arsenal Colorado

The Club fields competitive teams under the Arsenal Colorado banner for youth players between the ages of 10 and 20.  Teams are selected through a tryout process and compete in the Colorado Youth Soccer leagues.  The Club supports numerous teams at each age group.  This allows players to be grouped with others of similar ability, creating the best possible environment to develop technically and tactically.  Arsenal Colorado provides great opportunities for players seeking an entry level competitive experience all the way to the most committed and talented players in Colorado.  Depending on level, Arsenal teams successfully compete throughout northern Colorado, state-wide, regionally, and nationally.  Based in Fort Collins for over 40 years, the Club is proud of our teams’ achievements both on and off the field.  An extensive curriculum, over 20 nationally licensed coaches, and an experienced staff allows Arsenal players and teams to reach their potential.  Many Arsenal players go on to play soccer collegiately and beyond.  Emphasis is placed on creating an environment for committed and talented players that maximizes technical and tactical development, while stressing sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game.  U11-U14 players generally play year-round while U15-U18 girls compete in the fall and U15-U18 boys compete in the spring.  U19 - U23 boys and girls teams compete in the summer.


:: Arsenal Colorado Coach Profiles

ARSEnal Competitive coaching staff 2019/2020


Academy                Boys                Girls               
2011 (U9) Stern Martin
2010 (U10) Banghart Beamer
2009 (U11) Weappa Weappa
2008 (U12) Kaye Dominguez
2007 (U13) Delgado Brooks
2006 (U14) Vannice Tate
2005 (U15) Rosazza Baxter
2004 (U16) Nash Whisenant
2003 (U17) Dominguez Nash
2002/2001 (U19) Shaffer Shaffer




Gold                       Boys                Girls               
2011 (U9) Vandertop Martin
2010 (U10) Stromquist Romero
2009 (U11) Rosero Rosero
2008 (U12) Wages Ross
2007 (U13)    Romero
2006 (U14) Kaye Mack
2005 (U15)  Wayne Wayne
2004 (U16) Weiss Hayes
2003 (U17) Scalf Carlson
2002/2001 (U19) Scalf Scalf




Royal                      Boys                Girls               
2011 (U9) Keaton  
2010 (U10) Casson Donovan
2009 (U11) Fanning White
2008 (U12) Smoyer Rudd
2007 (U13)  Saunders Weiman
2006 (U14) Toth Shwiff
2005 (U15)  Griffith Neubert
2004 (U16) Toth Peterson
2003 (U17)   Roark
2002/2001 (U19)    




Blue                      Boys                 Girls                
2009 (U11) Wilhelm Donovan
2008 (U12) Hancock Baugh
2007 (U13) Sorg  
2006 (U14) Soto-Chavarria Neubert
2005 (U15)  Willey M. Petersen
2004 (U16)    
2003 (U17)    
2002/2001 (U19)    




White                    Boys                 Girls                
2009 (U11) Hansen  
2008 (U12) Hansen  
2007 (U13) Soto-Chavarria  




Black                    Boys                  Girls               
2009 (U11)    
2008 (U12) Hough  



1st Team - Academy

2nd Team - Gold
3rd Team - Royal
4th Team - Blue
5th Team - White
6th Team - Black