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adult men's league

The Men's league is comprised of 3 divisions: Open, Over 30 (O30) and Over 40 (O40). The Open Division has no age restrictions and provides opportunities for younger players looking for a more challenging game. The Over 30 Division is restricted to players over the age of 30 and the Over 40 Division is for players over 40.

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Men's Directory

OPEN Ages 21+    
AB United (white) Bo Miller 319-242-1780
Cobra Kai (light blue/orange) Matt Sidinger 970-219-6834
Cougar Hunters (Yellow) William Shanahan 970-412-1122
FCFC (royal blue) Dylan Hardy 337-344-5159
FC Storm International (W/G/M) Seth Gilbert 970-222-2945
New Belgium Tony Hall 970-214-4696
NoCo Gunners (grey) Bret Meldrum 208-596-5820
NoCo United Phil Weiser  970-324-3231
Ranchers Derek Schook 269-924-9800
Windsor FC (red)  Daniel Disilvestro 970-215-1518 
 OVER 40 Ages 40+    
The Brew Crew (green/white) Charles Huguenot  970-568-3924 
Club America Jose Contreras 970-290-4249
Cork's Last Call (O50) Gerhard Lendway 970-412-8730
FC2 (yellow/black) Richard Empson 316-640-5482
FC International (white) John Cohen 970-227-9492
Guanajuato Jose Martinez 970-978-9830
Helluva FC Brian Strother 970-290-4956
Jacob Cntr Wisdom (orange) John Mueller  970-491-9645 
ManChestHair United (white) Mark Adams 970-222-7457
OGFC Ben Wallace 970-310-5966
Storm (french blue) Roger Davies 970-460-6630
Zwei Bruder Bushwackers (red) Mike Lindsey 970-672-7884



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If you are a player looking for a team consult the team directory and contact the Team Representatives to check availability.