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College Fit Finder Zoom Presentation

Join Arsenal Colorado via Zoom on Monday, August 24th at 7pm to learn the ins and outs of CFF and how it can benefit you explore colleges!

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College Fit Finder provides a wealth of information for players who are interested in exploring college playing opportunities, but it is also a tremendous source for any player looking at college options. It is a very robust database with an abundance of ways to search for colleges and to find a good fit (regardless of their interest in playing soccer).

Topics to be covered:
  • Player profiles- creating and updating
  • Video editing tools
    Highlight Video Info
  • College search- doing the research
    Favorites list
  • How to email through the system
    What to put in your email and when to contact coaches
    How to keep track of correspondence done outside of the system
  • General discussion on recruiting process, rules, grades, creating a list of school and more!

Questions? Please contact Peter Nash, College Advisory Program Coordinator at

:: College Recruiting Presentation (Recruiting Process) - Arsenal Colorado


:: Players and Parents Meeting Video 
    What is CFF / How to Guide and Advice / Research Schools and Programs - Find the right FIT! 
    Create Highlight videos / Correspond with college coaches / Track communication

:: College FitFinder (CFF) Check List 


Additional Resources: 

:: COVID-19 Recruiting Information - Navigating the College Choice Process - Soccer America
:: 4 - week recruiting plan - US Club Soccer


::  Coaches and Managers Meeting Video

Questions about the recruiting process?? Contact Peter Nash, Director of Coaching