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College Fit Finder provides a wealth of information for players who are interested in exploring college playing opportunities, but it is also a tremendous source for any player looking at college options. It is a very robust database with an abundance of ways to search for colleges and to find a good fit (regardless of their interest in playing soccer).

Topics to be covered:
  • Player profiles- creating and updating
  • Video editing tools
    Highlight Video Info
  • College search- doing the research
    Favorites list
  • How to email through the system
    What to put in your email and when to contact coaches
    How to keep track of correspondence done outside of the system
  • General discussion on recruiting process, rules, grades, creating a list of school and more!

Questions? Please contact

:: College Recruiting Presentation (Recruiting Process) - Arsenal Colorado


:: Players and Parents Meeting Video 
    What is CFF / How to Guide and Advice / Research Schools and Programs - Find the right FIT! 
    Create Highlight videos / Correspond with college coaches / Track communication

:: College FitFinder (CFF) Check List 


Additional Resources: 

:: COVID-19 Recruiting Information - Navigating the College Choice Process - Soccer America
:: 4 - week recruiting plan - US Club Soccer


::  Coaches and Managers Meeting Video

Questions about the recruiting process?? Contact Murray Oliver, CAP Advisor