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Arsenal Colorado (Competitive Division) | Alumni


Many players from Arsenal Colorado go on to play collegiate soccer. Download a pdf below to see a listing of our past players.

:: Alumni


congratulations to the 2018 graduates moving on to play at the next level

KENADY ADAMS                      FOSSIL                     `18                            IOWA STATE

TAYLOR BEE                           POUDRE                    `18                            IOWA STATE

EMILY BREY                            FOSSIL                     `18                            CSU-PUEBLO

JULIE BREY                             FOSSIL                     `18                            CSU-PUEBLO

SCOUT BOHLENDER                 POUDRE                   `18                            CSU

KAILI CAMPBELL                      THOMPSON VALLEY   `18                            MISSOURI WESTERN

CAMDEN CARLSON                  WINDSOR                 `18                            GORDON COLLEGE

RILEY DIETRICH                      FT. COLLINS             `18                            KANSAS STATE

DERRICK EBERLING                 FT. COLLINS             `18                            MESA

VICTORIA GRAHAM                  FOSSIL                     `18                           CHICO STATE

WASEEM JIMENEZ                    WINDSOR                `18                            LCCC

GIA LEMLEY                             BROOMFIELD           `18                            REGIS

ESTHER MALERS                      RIDGEVIEW              `18                            DU

KYLIE METCALF                        FOSSIL                    `18                            TUFTS

BAILEY NEMECHEK                   FT. COLLINS             `18                            KANSAS STATE

RILEY OSTLER                          ROCKY                     `18                            METRO STATE

SHREYA PANDIT                       FOSSIL                    `18                            MIT

HALEY ROCKWELL                    FOSSIL                     `18                            UNC

ADALYN VERGARA                    WINDSOR                 `18                            WYOMING

MADISON WILLIAMS                 ROCKY                    `18                            CAL POLY

MEG ZIMMERMAN                    WINDSOR                 `18                            MINES