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language and terminology

In Possession

  • Switch- change the point of attack
  • Tempo- knowing when to speed it up and when to slow it down
  • Fast and Forward-looking to have a direction and idea in the speed of play
  • Target- to play the ball forward into a forward to join
  • Link Up- connect passes and joining numbers forward
  • First Touch Away- taking first touch away from pressure
  • Knock and Move- passing and moving to find space to move into
  • Find a Pass- basic instruction in keeping possession
  • Take On- using the 1v1 element of the game on the dribble
  • First Time- playing with one touch
  • Join- encouraging a player to join into the attack; most of the time will be a player not on the ball
  • Swing It- play around the back/through the middle to find space and players
  • Starting Position- speaking to where the player is beginning in their movement
  • Take a Chance- looking to be opportunistic (i.e. bouncing ball, ball played back to the keeper from their defender…)
  • Take a Look- checking your shoulders, having an idea where pressure is coming from
  • Roll It- simple instruction to make an easy pass to a teammate
  • Inviting Pressure- knowing when to not possess to possess, as it will invite pressure from opposition
  • Penetration Passes
    - a penetrating pass that breaks a line of defense
    P2- a penetrating pass, but it goes around a line of defense
    P3- a pass that keeps possession, but goes backwards or square
  • Define The Shape- instruction to show the shape on the field with the players positioning
  • Entry Ball- a penetrating pass to a target in a dangerous area



  • See Both- being able to see the player and the ball; Also speaks of a sideways on shape of the body
  • No Turn- not allowing the player to turn when they have their back to the defender
  • Steal Space­- adjusting your shape to step, shift, and move out to make defense more compact in their shape
  • Shift- instructions to adjust shape and move towards the ball, again focusing upon compactness
  • Pinch- similar to shifting, just not as big of a movement
  • On Their Touch- getting yourself into good defensive shape and position when the player receives the ball
  • Put Their Head Down­- in 1v1 situations, looking to get close to the player, forcing them to put their head down
  • Press- an adjustment defensively to put high pressure on the opposition, stepping out as a unit  with intensity
  • Hunt It- similar to pressing, but in an individual role, looking to put pressure on the ball and try and win it back
  • Second Ball- referring to balls in the air, looking to find and win the second ball of the initial header.
  • Cut it Out- referring to your defensive shape, looking to cut out passes and eliminate options/passing lanes
  • Touch Tight- getting close enough in your defensive shape (1v1 or set piece marking) to touch the opposition
  • Pass Them Off- referring to the zonal defending idea of passing off a player once they leave your zone
  • Line of Confrontation- the line or area that we are  going to begin defending (i.e the midline, or the top of circle)