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referee payment

Referee pay is solely based on age group, division and position.  It is the responsibility of all officials to turn in the game report for Arsenal Colorado games. Check the Online Reporting Web Page for instructions in how to report games.  Referees will receive payment for ONLY those games which have been reported accurately online.  It is highly recommended that all referees keep record and game info on all the matches they do for the season.  This is not just important to do as a Center Referee but also as an Assistant Referee.  Arsenal Colorado League games must be reported within 24 hours following the match.  Centers that turn in any late reports will be subject to pay reduction.  Arsenal Colorado will pay Youth Recreational League games and Adult League games and hosted tournaments through  Arsenal Colorado does not pay referees directly for any Youth Competitive League games.  Youth Competitive League games are paid through CSA through

referee pay scale

:: Arsenal Colorado Referee Payscale 

:: Referee Contract (Acting Tax Document)